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Story behind the name.

Did you know that ASUS was named after PEGASUS, the winged horse from Greek mythology? On their official website you can see that strength, purity and creative spirit characterizes this creature, which was one of the reasons to use it as an inspiration. The company was founded in 1990. Computer engineers, actually four of them, decided to go from Acer and start a new venture. With its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan,  ASUS represents one of the leading manufacturers of electronic devices. ASUS has facilities and branches all over the world, in America, Asia-Pacific region, China and Europe.

Staying on top

It is more than obvious that the ASUS knows how to win in the market game. They are using formulas which are giving results. They are proud to be in top 3 world’s consumer netbook vendors and in top spot when it comes to producing motherboards. If they continue like this, they will stay on top for a very long time, constantly introducing new innovations through their products.

ASUS virtues

In this great company certain virtues are promoted. Humility, Integrity, Diligence, Agility and Courage. Employees are encouraged to implement those virtues. We strongly believe this was one of the main reasons for their great success. Just keep on doing what you’re doing guys. Thumbs up !

Thinking about the future

ASUS is a modern company thinking about generations to come. Their green policy enters the fields of design, manufacturing, procurement, services and marketing. Social responsibility and sustainable development are playing an important role in the development of this blue chip company.

ASUS products

Their products vary from desktop and laptop computers, displays, mobile devices, to PC components such as graphic cards, motherboards, multimedia…the list is very long. They have received many global awards for being committed to delivering quality products to the market. Of course, all these products need drivers. You can download them at Enjoy !