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About company

Very young engineers from Taiwan have founded this semiconductors company more than 20 years ago, in 1987, to be more precise. These seven enthusiasts managed to create a top Integrated Circuits company during this period.

Logical path

When you have so much dedication in one place, you get a lot of growth and development in a short period of time. Now days, Realtek can focus on serving its client’s needs. Their strategy is to give a lot of free space to their employees, because they believe this is the most logical path to reach highest standards. 

Insisting on quality, protecting the environment

Realtek products are what they clients need. This is happening for a reason. Research and development is constantly working on improving the quality of their products. Realtek doesn’t want just to meet clients expectations, but to exceed them. With regards to environmental policy, and sustainable development, Realtek is producing ICs taking all green product standards into consideration.

Realtek products

Of course, we are talking about variety of devices, peripherals, Integrated circuits etc. Some of the controllers they are manufacturing are: controllers for Card reading, LCD, network switch, NICs, Ethernet, as well as AC97 codecs, HD audio codecs, wireless LAN integrated circuits, etc.

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