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Display drivers are one of the essential components of a system that are responsible for rendering crisp and detailed visuals on the screen. The advancements in video technology require manufacturers to release driver updates periodically to unlock the potential of graphics cards installed in the system.

S3 is a worldwide leader in providing innovative graphics visualization technologies to the desktop and laptop market. S3 Graphics has inherited the tradition of excellence from S3 Incorporated, which has been a pioneer in the development of outstanding graphics and HD solutions for retail and business consumers. Headquartered in California, the primary customers of S3 Graphics include OEM and retail customers. S3 has considerable experience in the development of superior video cores and world-class graphics for discrete and integrated applications aimed at embedded markets and desktop and mobile platforms.

S3 produces a wide range of graphics processors for the desktop and laptop platforms such as DeltaChrome, GammaChrome, Chrome20 series, 400 series, and 500 series for the desktop. These graphic processors convert the humble desktop into a full- fledged entertainment system capable of rendering superior graphics that leads to incredible viewing experience. The graphics processor is capable of supporting leading gaming technologies such as OpenGL 2.1 and Microsoft DirectX® 10.1 graphics engines.

S3’s commitment  to continuous innovation has enabled the company to provide reliability, performance, quality, and state-of the art feature-rich PC applications to its consumers. Apart from manufacturing sophisticated and advanced graphics processors, S3 also manufactures top class graphics cards for desktops offering HDMI and dual DVI ports, which enables users to view all multimedia content on their desktops. The new range of Chrome 400 ULP Series Graphics Processors is ideal for notebook and power-efficient desktop platforms. The 400 ULP series of processors offers the highest performance per watt ratio, which means superior performance without compromising on battery power.

S3 Trio is one of the most popular graphic chipsets for personal computers. S3 was the first company to develop a single chip graphic accelerator. The S3 trio was the first graphic chipset that was equipped with graphics accelerators. As the name suggests, the three main components of graphics technology were integrated with the application-specific integrated circuit, the graphics core, the clock generator, and RAMDAC.

The integration of components allowed the company to keep the prices low without compromising on quality and performance of the product. The S3 Trio range of processors was capable of rendering only 2D images. Later, the company presented S3 ViRGE range of processors that had 3D image processing capabilities. The trio range of processors remains the company’s bestselling chips of all time.   

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