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Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a music freak, the drivers on your system play an important role in delivering a rich audio-visual, and overall computing, experience each time you switch on your Dell laptop or desktop.

About Dell

Founded in 1984, Dell has come a long way to become a leading provider of technology solutions across the world. Today, Dell offers a wide range of products, which includes laptops, desktops, netbooks, tablet PCs, monitors, servers, and several other innovative technological solutions and products.

Dell laptop/desktop drivers

Dell devices are equipped with the Dell Driver Download feature that alerts the user about available driver updates. The system sometimes fails to give optimum performance due to corrupt or outdated drivers. Therefore, you need to always check if the drivers are working fine which is important for optimum health and performance output from your system.

To get the maximum performance out of your installed and attached hardware devices, you need to have the latest device drivers installed on your Dell system. For this purpose, you can use the built-in Dell Driver Download feature and Windows update (if you are using a Windows operating system) or just look below for the links and download the latest drivers.

Tips for downloading drivers

Something you must know about drivers is that they are operating system and device specific. Let’s see the following example to understand this intrinsic characteristic of device drivers thoroughly and clearly.

Let’s say you have a Dell printer. The printer, in all likelihood, will require different drivers to work in different version of Windows. In other words, you are likely to need a different driver to run the printer in Windows 98 and Windows 7. In same way, there are different models of Dell printers require different drivers.

Now, that we have understood this all-important point, let’s go through the essential pointers that you must remember while downloading drivers:

·       Download drivers that are compatible with the operating system that you are using
·       Download drivers that are compatible with the model of hardware device that you are using (the model number is listed on the box as well as on the hardware device)
·       Verify the genuinity of the source from where you are downloading (applies when you download drivers not from manufacturer’s website but from another source)

Tips for installing drivers

Installing drivers is a simple process. Most drivers are now available as .exe (executable) files. So, all you need to do to install a driver is to double-click its .exe file and follow onscreen instructions. With that said, it is important that you do two things, without fail, before installing new device drivers. These things are:

·        Scan the driver file before running it
·    Create a restore point before installing new drivers (Windows Help section, present on your Windows computer, contain all the necessary information on how to create a restore point)  

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