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Useful peripherals.

You just need to connect it to your personal computer or other media where your source of information is stored, and eventually you can see your documents coming out from the printer on a piece of paper. Maybe it sounds common for many people, but for me, whenever I see paper coming out of the printer, I see it as a miracle.

Technology of printing

During the years, many different printing technologies was developed by manufacturers of these helpful devices. So now we have inkless printers like UV and thermal printers, dye sub printers, solid ink printers, toner printers, inkjet printers. This is not the place nor the time to mentioned old types of printers because they are no more in use.

Printer companies

Some of the printer companies are Canon, Hewlett Packard, Bell-Mark, Control Data Corporation, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Olivetti, Panasonic, Rank Xerox, Ricoh and many others.

Printers drivers

Printers drivers can be downloaded from our web site. It is easy as 123…just go to our download drivers section.

Generally, printer drivers tend to contain the additional software which is developed to help you using your device. Drivers are usually bundled with these applications. Unfortunately we won't be hosting this software, as we'd breach copyright rules. If you want the downloads including this software, you're going to have to visit the manufacturers website and try to obtain it.

However, its usually just meaningless junk applications that manufacturers add to their devices because of marketing reasons. They want you to feel that you're not only buying a great printer, youre getting a lot of software attached. As it turns out, little printer users actually use these application once they own them. They stick to their previous free / cheap applications to manage their photos, printing, etc. 

So the bare versions of the drivers we offer on this website are, in our opinion, all an average user is ever going to need to get their printers online and looking good. 

All the best from Getdriversnow team.

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