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History of IBM

Company with long tradition of building different IT devices. It was founded in 1911 and today, according to business magazine Fortune, it is ranked 18th largest company in the United States of America. With headquarters in Armonk, USA, this great company has worldwide offices. Number of people employed by IBM is almost 430000, and the company’s last year’s revenue was 100 billion USD.

IBM’s Inventions

Maybe you know , maybe you don’t, but IBM was the inventor of products like ATMs, Floppy disks, HDDs. That alone is enough, but they have also invented Universal Product Codes, DRAM memory and many other things. Right now, as we speak they have scientist working in nine research facilities all over the world. Incredible!

IBM’s Products and Services

What can you expect from a company like this, but hundreds and hundreds of products and services. They offer variety of business services, IT and outsourcing services, trainings and others. Their product vary from software, hardware, servers and systems, the list is endless. I am a proud owner of Lenovo x120e netbook and I LOVE IT! Many of these products require certain drivers to perform their operations on a top level. These drivers are easy to find on our drivers download web page. 

IBM and smart solutions

You will see on their official web site how much they are investing in making our environment smarter and nicer place to live.  They are supporting new ideas for small, medium and industry solutions, and are acting very responsible when it comes to protecting our environment.

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