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AC97 Intel 82801 AA driver

AC97 origins

AC97 means audios controller 97. It was named after the year it was developed, by famous semiconductor manufacturer Intel. Many years have passed, and this technology was improved and much more sophisticated these days, but at the time when the AC97 codec was invented, it created completely new standards in the area of sound devices. Of course, new technologies are taking over, and in this case, Intel has developed High definition audio which is again, beginning a new era in audio market. HD audio was introduced in 2004.

Since Intel was working on both sides, they established the standard with their AC97 codec, but they have also contributed to the market of controllers by creating a controller of their own. It means that it was not necessary to have both AC97 controller and AC97 codec, but that manufacturers just had to follow certain standards (AC97) when providing drivers for their devices. You can see how Intel was always an important factor in providing directions for the whole IT industry. Today is no different.

New trends

Unfortunately for AC97 codec, these days all of us are using High Definition sound in our homes. Ok, maybe not all of us, but anyway, the point is that the technology has advanced and that HD audio won the battle vs AC97. Still there are many AC97 users, and they need drivers in order for their sound devices to work properly. Feel free to download them from our website. You can find them at our drivers download page.


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