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Network Adapters


Before we go to Network Adapters, let’s say a few words about network itself. Computer network in particular. Well you have a bunch of computers that wants to share some information.Unfortunately or fortunately, depends how you look at it, computers are still not that intelligent to create a network by themselves. They still need some help. So let’s say that network represents the final product, and in order to get this final product you need to mix all these ingredients like routers, protocols, servers, clients and of course Network Adapters.  Router is a hardware device that acts like a policeman in the school crossing. It directs network traffic pointing where it will flow. Protocols, protocols, protocols…you know how it is. You always have to follow certain protocols. No difference here. Computer network is using certain method of communication, rules about how data is sent from sender to receiver. Than we have a server. It is helping in all these situations where you need to store bigger amounts of information and/or you need to process your data in a faster way.  As oppose to server, you have clients. They are also part of the network and they are also computers, but with lower hierarchy level than server computers, so to say. 

Network Adapters are “translators”

If you want to connect your PC to a network you will need a small piece of hardware, popularly  called “The Network Adapter” or the network interface card, or LAN adapter or network interface controller… What is it actually? In a way you can imagine it like some kind of language translator from the SF movies. You know , the one you put on your head and you understand what the ugly, smelly two headed reptilian from planet Delta 6 is talking about. So, as you can see, it is very important part of the network which connects all the computers into one big harmonic orchestra. Family of Network Adapters have many members, like PCI or NIC, USB, media adapters, integrated wireless adapter chips etc. But what is important is that they can all be separated into two groups, depending on the network, wireless or wired. Easy, isn’t it? Of course, if you want your network adapter to work, you need to connect it to your PC (if it is not integrated already) and to install his soul (driver) so it becomes “alive”.

 Network Adapters Manufacturers

We have to mention some of the guys who made serious impact in the Network Cards market: Intel, Atheros, 3COM, AmbiCom, AzureWave, Ralink, RDC, NETGEAR, Broadcom, RealTek, ActionTec, Dell Computer, SIS Corporation, AME Group, D-link Systems and other. They have all contributed to the development of these amazing devices during the years of internet expansion and the expansion of digital communications in general.

Network Adapter Drivers

As previously mentioned, the soul of every Network Adapter is his driver. It is necessary to install this driver in order for Network Adapter to communicate with your PC and other PC’s in the network. There are tons of Network Drivers, whether we are talking about wired network adapters, or wireless network adapters. It is up to you to see what you need and download from our web site Enjoy !

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