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A big name in the industry

Do we need to say anything about Microsoft and its founder Bill Gates. They have marked an era.  The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Actually, what happened is that in 1980 IBM signed a contract with Microsoft with main responsibility to develop an OS for one of the future IBM Personal Computers. Of course, MS-DOS was that operating system, and soon Microsoft became a leader in this field.  And that is how the Empire was created. Everything else is history. 

Microsoft Divisions

Microsoft as a multinational corporation has many divisions. Some of them are existing in different parts of the world, covering many areas of software research and development. Namely they are: Business Division, Entertainment Division, Windows division etc. 

Microsoft Diversity

Microsoft is investing a lot in increasing the performance of its employees. One of the most interesting approaches is definitely insisting on diversity. Diversity in people, products, environment, diversity everywhere. As a part of their vision for the future, they are engaging inclusion and diversity. We wish them all the best.

Microsoft Products

Maybe younger folks do not know much about previously mentioned MS-DOS, but they certainly know about Windows, Office, Internet Explorer and other Microsoft world famous products. The list is long and is getting longer and longer. Many of these products require drivers. You can download them from our website. It is always advisable to be up to date with your drivers. This can improve the performance of your hardware.

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