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Sound Cards

Make some noise !!!

I don’t know if you remember this,  but there was a time when no sound was coming from PC. At least no other than - beeeeeeep.  Now, the time has changed, thanks to human inventions, and today we have a variety of Sound cards, all capable of producing wonderful sounds and music., as well  as recording different sounds from the environment. Of course you can always decide between amateur ones, and the other ones, that are more professional,  and are supporting higher sampling rates. I can tell you, just by looking at them, you know they cost some serious money.

Types of Sound Cards

In short, there are many. For example, some Sound Cards that are integrated in the Motherboard. These devices cannot be removed, they form not that powerful sound system, but are less expensive. The other types of Sound Cards are coming in a form of an actual card that is part of the PCI slot, and can be removed and/or replaced. In order to work properly, Sound Cards need drivers. These drivers represent the software needed to connect Audio Cards to your PC.

How does Sound Card work?

Well to put it simple, Sound or Audio Card is in control of input and output of sound. When it comes to sound that is going into the computer, Sound Card is processing it into data recognizable by PC. When the sound is coming outside of the PC , Sound Card is doing pretty much the same, but this time information is processed so the speakers could understand it, and finally us, human beings. So you can see how small and seemingly insignificant peace of silicon can do miracles for our lives.

Sound Card Manufacturers

These are just some of the manufacturers that produces Sound Cards: Ad Lib, Inc., Asus, Diamond Multimedia, C-Media, Creative Technology, Ensoniq, Razer, M-Audio, and many, many others.

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