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Company facts

This famous semiconductor company is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, USA. Has a revenue of 3.3 billion USD with prediction of significant increase by the end of 2013, and approximately 6000 employees. Not so bad. The main product they are famous for is GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). To be more precise, they are the ones who invented it. Now they have built the whole family of GPUs and are one of the top vendors of graphic cards in the world.

GPU families created by nVIDIA

Among many products that came from nVIDIA following have made the greatest impact in the graphic cards market: nForce, Tegra, Tesla, Quadro, GeForce. If you already haven’t heard about one of these products, believe me, you will soon. Many nVIDIA funs say that GeForce family is the most respectable one. It is up to you to try their products and decide by yourself. 

nVIDIA drivers download

All these products need to be regularly supported and updated by drivers which you can find on our drivers download section.  We always advise you to make a restore point on your computer in order to preserve previous configuration. That is, if you are planning to download and install new drivers.

nVIDIA products and technologies

It is important to mention that nVIDIA products and technology are present in many laptop and desktop computers, tablets, workstations, smartphones etc…Their technology is innovative and unique. Just to mention few: Hybrid SLI, GPU Direct, CUDA Architecture, 3D Vision, Optimus, and others.

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