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Whenever we talk about companies from Japan, we always think about technology, computers, digital media etc. These guys just know what they are talking about, and what is more important, they know what they are doing.  Seiko Epson company is also known as “just” Epson. This big corporation derived from Daiwa Kogyo company that was founded during the WW 2, in Suwa, Japan. The name Epson officially appeared in 1982. Today, this company has approximately 75000 employees and net sales of 12.6 billion USD. Believe it or not, this company presented first portable TV to the world, along with the first handheld PC called HX-20

Famous for printers

We have all printed at least one page of the paper on Epson printer. Right? So we know that they are manufacturing laser printers, inkjet printers, scanners…but did you know that they are also desktop computer, laptop, IC and LCD components vendors. Epson is also making a huge impact in the home theatre market by producing TV’s and projectors. 

Customer Value

Toshiba is investing a lot to make their customers satisfied. They are always up to date with their client’s needs. In order to do that they have developed a quality philosophy and quality policy.

Corporate social responsibility

People like companies that are socially responsible. Companies which are thinking about future generations. Epson is following the same principle, asking the same level of social responsibility and high standard from their suppliers.

Epson Products and drivers

Previously mentioned products need drivers in order to work. If you want you can download these drivers from our web site. You just need to search for them on our driver’s download page. 

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