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Company's history

Canon as a name for this company first time appears in 1947. Before that time, company was called The Kwanon, and was founded in 1937. Canon has many offices all around the globe, in Americas, Middle East, Asia, Europe, but the heart of the company lays still in its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The Canon company has 26000 employees and a last year’s profit of cca. 3.8 billion USD. Main business units of this company are Consumer, Office and Industry, and these units are responsible for everything this company is doing. 

Canon products

We have all heard, seen or used Canon products. Whether it was digital camera, laser or inkjet printer, scanner or some other device, Canon was always considered to be reliable OEM.  Most of these products require certain software in order to function properly. You can download this software from our website in the drivers download section. Please update your drivers on a regular basis so your devices could work like Swiss clocks.

Environmental protection

Canon Corporation is paying special attention to environmental protection. Company is doing this through various activities such as: Environmental Communication, Initiatives, Products, and of course management, who is using environmentally conscious approach.

Sponsoring activities

Canon is also doing a lot of sponsorship all over the world. They are appearing as sponsors in many sports like football, Formula One, NFL, Tennis, Golf, and other sports. Sponsorship is also present in the fields of red cross activities, World Press Photo, Fashion etc..

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