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Canon PIXMA iP1600 driver download

When it comes to printers, users all around the globe trust only one name - Canon. The Canon PIXMA IP 1600 printer, like other Canon printers before it, offers great features at affordable prices. 

To enjoy all the features in your printer, it is necessary that you use the latest Canon PIXMA 1600 drivers. The best part of using the Canon PIXMA IP 1600 printer is that you don’t need to install its drivers. ‘Why?’ you may ask. This is because the necessary drivers for the Canon PIXMA 1600 printer are already built-in in your Windows operating system. 

Canon PIXMA IP 1600 is compatible with the following Windows operating systems:

• Windows 7/Windows 7 64-bit
• Windows Vista/Windows Vista-64-bit
• Windows XP/2000
• Windows ME/98

In all the aforementioned Windows operating systems, the drivers for Canon PIXMA 1600 are already included. In other words, all you need to do is attach the printer to your computer and run the printer software CD, which is included in the purchase. 

Reinstalling the latest Canon PIXMA 1600 drivers

In rare cases, you may find that you need to reinstall Canon PIXMA 1600 driver. This may happen when a malware deletes the Canon PIXMA 1600 driver file or when you accidently delete the required driver file. 

What you require

• Windows system recovery disc

As mentioned above, the driver file for Canon PIXMA 1600 printer is included in Windows. Due to this reason, Canon does not provide the latest Canon PIXMA 1600 drivers on their website. Other driver-download websites also do not provide users drivers for this Canon printer. So, if the driver for Canon PIXMA 1600 printer is missing from your Windows computer, all you need to do is restore the required file from Windows system recovery disc. This disc is provided to you when you buy a Windows PC. 

Here are the steps you need to perform to reinstall the latest Canon PIXMA 1600 driver:

1. Open the Driver Manager window and run a driver scan.
2. Insert the Windows system recovery disc in your CD/DVD-ROM.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.


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06/25/2012 - 10:02
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