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nVIDIA Chipset driver


Some basic facts about chipsets

All the chips on the motherboard are creating one happy family, called the motherboard chipset. Like any other piece of hardware, motherboard chipset needs a driver to run smoothly. So when you are starting from a scratch, you should first download and install your chipset drivers, because if you don’t do that, the default drivers will be installed. In order for everything to be connected perfectly, you should first install drivers that are responsible for the “brain” of your PC.


In case of nVIDIA, motherboard chipsets are coming with series number and with the name “nForce”. You should be aware that in case of nVIDIA drivers, things are a little different comparing to software from other vendors. nVIDIA is special you know. So, before installing new ones, you have to uninstall the old ones. After everything is done, you just reboot your PC and new settings will take place.

We advise you to keep your chipset drivers up to date. nVIDIA chipset drivers can be found on our web site. Please visit our drivers download page and update your system with newest drivers.


Getdriversnow team.

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