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Network adapter drivers are important for network connectivity of devices. Without proper network adapter drivers, your system is unable to communicate to other devices on the network or connect to the Internet to retrieve information or download system drivers.

NETGEAR is a leading manufacturer of computer networking devices and peripherals and computer hardware. The company was formed in 1996 with an objective to provide networking solutions to homes and small businesses. NETGEAR’s product range includes ProSafe switches, network appliances, network attached storage and security appliances. The ProSafe networking products come with a lifetime warranty, provided the equipment belongs to the buyer of the product. NETGEAR also offers a wide range of home networking solutions such as wireless internet routers, wireless network adapters, wireless range extenders, wireless mobile broadband products, switches and access points, wired Ethernet routers and modems, and several other networking solutions for homes.

The company offers networking products for businesses, as well as tailor-made networking solutions for enterprises of different sizes and capacities. The range of networking products for businesses include switches, enterprise class network security products, business network storage, Wi-Fi controllers, and network software. Businesses can also opt for NETGEAR networking solutions as per their requirements. The different networking solutions offered to businesses are ideal  for SOHO with 1-20 users, small businesses with 20-100 users, and mid-sized businesses with 100-250+ users. 

As a responsibility toward the environment, NETGEAR has dedicated its efforts in the development of innovative new products that use fewer resources, have increased energy efficiency, and exceed or meet global environmental standards. The green products developed by NETGEAR have the NETGEAR Green Logo. The company has committed itself to develop smart and green products that will enable businesses and homes to consume less energy and also save money while saving the environment.

NETGEAR networking products are popular among business users and retail customers. You can find several reviews of NETGEAR networking products getting high ratings for easy setup, superior performance, and user-friendly features. Some of the features of Netgear’s networking products are-

·         Sleek, patented design
·         Easy to install networking solutions for  home and business
·         Affordable and standards-based
·         Wide range of reliable and secure wired and wireless products
·         Compatible with PCs and Macs
·         Longest warranties

The WG111 wireless USB Adapter is one of the popular wireless networking products from NETGEAR. It can easily connect to a wireless G network and allow the user to surf the Internet, email, chat and do other Internet-related activities without there being a mesh of wires. The WG111 is a must-have product for people who have desktops and laptops and want wire-free internet connectivity. 

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