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Hewlett Packard

History of HP

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard are the guys who founded this multinational IT Corporation. It happened in 1939. Believe it or not, Walt Disney was one of their first clients. He was making a movie called Fantasia and purchased eights oscillators from HP so he could create new sound for this movie. Audio oscillator was, actually the first product that came out of the Hewlett Packard Company. Today, Corporate HQ is in Paolo Alto, California. This company has almost 330000 employees and a revenue of cca. 126 billion USD. It is a global brand with many offices in US, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific etc.

Hewlett Packard’s values and objectives

HP is acting socially responsible like many IT giants, and of course, they have serious environmental policy. They invest a lot of money in recycling their products, and making our planet more green. Besides that, Hewlett Packard is very passionate about their customers, they insist on speed and agility and are very result oriented. Profit, growth and market leadership are some of their corporate objectives. They are achieving all this by focusing on maintaining customer loyalty and employees satisfaction.

HP Products

We are all using Hewlett Packard printers for years now. Besides printers, they are famous for manufacturing calculators, digital cameras, scanners, desktop and laptop computers and many other products and services. Many of these products require drivers. These drivers can be downloaded from our website. Look no further. Just go to drivers download page and find your driver.

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