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Amazing device

This great device creates magic, because it is capable of “transporting” different formats into a digital world. Now, let me explain a bit more. It actually scans different documents and pictures and converts them into a format recognizable by our PC.  When these files are scanned we can view them and what is more important, edit them on a computer. Isn’t that amazing ?

Types of Scanners

In most cases, the surface scanners are using is flat. Of course this is most suitable for scanning photographs, posters, magazine pages and various documents, books, anything with flat surface. Then you have sheet-fed scanners that are unable to scan from materials which do not come in sheet format. Like books, for example. There are also Photo Scanners, specialized in scanning  photos, of course. Portable scanners you can use while going on a trip etc.

Drivers for Scanners

Like with any other device, you need some kind of software and plug-ins to  make scanners work.These drivers and programs allow users to maximize the usage of Scanners.  Some software helps to edit images,  others to understand and recognize scanned text.  That brings us to OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This wonderful tool helps to turn scanned text into its digital replica. At the end of this process we have transferred text to our computer without typing it. Now we can edit it, or do whatever we want with it. Great stuff !

Scanners are still very popular

First traces of computer Scanners are visible in 1990’s. Through the years Scanner technology has much improved and we can say that these devices are still very popular. That is actually funny, because the need for them has been significantly reduced with the advancement of digital camera technology. Obviously, people like them.

Top Scanner Manufacturers

It is a tough game in this industry and the major players are: Hewlett Packard, Microtek, Mustek, Canon, Sharp, Epson, Visioneer, Umax. 

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