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 The name ‘Sony’ is synonymous with good quality. Sony is a Japanese multinational company that produces a vast range of products. It is most well known for its electronic products such as computers, cameras, and mobiles. 

Sony Motion Eye Camera

Sony Motion Eye Camera is a web camera that is included in Sony Vaio laptops. It provides clear, good-quality pictures. With this web camera, you can take video images and still images. 

Sony PRS-500

Sony PRS-500 is an attractive and useful e-book reader. This e-book reader incorporates the electronic paper display created by E Ink Corp. Sony’s e-book reader is attractive, slim, lightweight, portable, and viewable in bright environments.  The product boasts of a good battery life and plays audio (AAC and MP3 audio files). If you wish, you can upgrade its memory capacity using an SD memory card. The reader supports only English language. It supports the following file types: TXT, JPG, MP3, PNG, AAC, RTF, PDF, BBeB.

Sony PRS-500 is a great system for enjoying e-books, other documents, and music. It is easy to hold and use, thanks to its intuitive interface.  

Sony SDM-HS75P 

Sony SDM-HS75P is an attractive, sleek, and glossy 17-inch LCD monitor produces brilliant, rich, and vibrant colors with full accuracy. It has an extremely fast pixel response time and provides different adjustment options.

If you like the appearance of a plasma television, this monitor is something you will like a great deal. Sony SDM-HS75P is suitable for serious work, as well as for games and movies. The monitor makes the whole experience of using a computer more fulfilling and rewarding.

Drivers for Sony Motion Eye Camera, Sony PRS-500, and Sony SDM-HS75P

To access all these devices through your computer/laptop, you need to install special software on your computer/laptop. For instance, to use the Sony Motion Eye Camera, you must have its required driver. Similarly, to attach Sony PRS-500 e-reader and Sony SDM-HS75P LCD monitor, you need their drivers.  

The required drivers for Sony Motion Eye Camera are preinstalled on your Sony Vaio laptop. For Sony PRS-500 e-reader and Sony-HS75 LCD monitor, you need to install drivers from the driver software CD that you get when you buy the product.  

Sometimes, the required driver of a Sony product may become corrupt or unusable. If you need drivers for Sony Motion Eye Camera, Sony PRS-500 e-reader and/or Sony SDM-HS75P LCD monitor, you can download them from our website. The download process is both quick and simple.  


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