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Facts about the company

The most famous semiconductor manufacturer in the world, Intel was founded in the USA. It happened in 1968, and since then, Intel was just getting bigger and bigger. The founder of this company was Gordon Moore, Arthur Rock and Robert Noyce. They have released their first semiconductor product more than 40 years ago, can you imagine that? This huge company has employees in the neighborhood of 80000. This is a whole army of people who are involved in creating one of the most sophisticated semiconductors in the world. Intel is customer and results oriented which you can see from their revenue of almost 44 billion USD in 2010.

Intel Innovations

With big name comes big responsibility. Intel is showing that it is capable of carrying a burden of market leader. Their approach is showing the competitors how one should act on top. They care for their employees and customers and are constantly looking towards the future. Innovative technologies is the middle name of this company. Human society has a name for people like this- Pioneers.

Intel Products and Products with Intel inside

Not to mention legendary processors 386, 486 , Pentium etc…we can say that Intel list of products consists of one of the most interesting semiconductors in the market. Today we have already 2nd generation I7 processors , different Ethernet products, Motherboards, amazing Chipsets etc…There are also many devices which are carrying Intel products inside like Laptop and desktop computers, Tablets, Smart TVs, Workstations etc..

Drivers for Intel hardware

You will need to update your drivers in order to work with Intel devices. We have everything you need. You just need to go to our drivers download page, download specific driver and that’s it. Good luck !

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