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Intel GMA 950 driver


If you don’t have enough money to spend on your computer or don’t need high level of graphics capability, then integrated graphics might be good solution for you. Not only that they can reduce cost but they can also reduce power consumption as well as noise. Because of all that, they can usually be found on netbooks, low-budged notebooks or desktop computers. Series of integrated graphics processors from Intel have name Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (a.k.a. GMA) and here we are going to say something about Intel’s second generation graphics core – Intel GMA 950.

Intel GMA 950 Basic Information

As already mentioned, Intel GMA 950 is the integrated (onboard) graphic chip developed by Intel. Compared to the previous model, Intel GMA 900, it is faster and supports Shader Model 3.0 instead of 2.0. Intel GMA 950 also supports DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL 1.4. If you want, you can always overclock it to 400 MHz using the GMA Booster tool for better 3D performance, but we cannot advise that. You probably ask yourself, since Intel GMA 950 is an older graphic card, is it powerful enough to run video games? Well, Intel published a list of games that can be run and here is just a part of that long list: Age of Empires III + The Warchiefs + The Asian Dynasties Battlefield 2 Batman Vengeance Call of Duty 2 etc


Intel GMA 950 cannot be considered as graphic card that will satisfy gamers, but according to the list above, there are plenty video games (older 3D and especially 2D games) that you should run without any problems. For those who use office programs it’s more than sufficient. We believe there are many of you that have this video card, so we decided to share its driver with you. Just click the link below and download it. Best regards, Getdriversnow team

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