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CanoScan LiDE 20 driver download

CanoScan LiDE 20, a product from Canon, is one of the most popular flatbed scanners. It offers maximum features at reasonable prices. CanoScan LiDE 20’s one-touch operations allow computer users to easily and quickly scan images, email photographs, and copy documents. This scanner uses the much-appreciated Canon integrated QARE 2.0 technology, which ensures that every scanned image comes out perfect.

To scan and load images from CanoScan LiDE 20, you need to install its drivers. You can install the drivers using the Setup Utility disc. Otherwise, you can download CanoScan LiDE drivers from the link we have provided for you.

Installing CanoScan LiDE 20 drivers using the Setup Software & User’s Guide disc

The required CanoScan LiDE 20 drivers are included in the Setup Utility disc that you receive with the scanner. It is recommended that you run this CD before connecting the CanoScan LiDE 20 scanner to your computer.

You need to perform the following steps to install CanoScan LiDE 20 drivers on your Windows computer.

1. Switch on your Windows computer. If the Found New Hardware Wizard appears, click the Cancel button.
2. Insert the CanoScan LiDE 20 Setup Utility disc in your CD-ROM.
3. Click Install the Software.
4. Click Yes to accept the Click the SOFTWARE USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.
5. Click Start Installation in the Install window.
6. Follow the onscreen instructions.
7. Click the Yes button after installation is complete to restart Windows.
8. Remove CanoScan LiDE 20 Setup Utility disc from your CD-ROM.

Installing CanoScan LiDE 20 drivers without the Setup Utility disc

As mentioned above, you need to have the drivers of your CanoScan LiDE 20 installed on your Windows computer to ensure smooth functioning. In case the required CanoScan LiDE 20 drivers are missing or corrupt, you may encounter one or more of the following issues:

• You are unable to scan images or use other features of the CanoScan LiDE 20
• Your Windows computer freezes when you try to use CanoScan LiDE 20
• You receive an error message when you try to use CanoScan LiDE 20

To resolve the aforementioned issues, you need to reinstall CanoScan LiDE 20 drivers. If you don’t have the Setup Utility disc that you received with the scanner, you can simply perform a CanoScan LiDE 20 driver download from the links below to resolve the issue.

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